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Walston Law Group - Small Business Attorneys San FranciscoWhile it is true that no contract can prevent litigation, it will determine the litigation’s outcome. When it comes to business litigation the colloquial statement “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings forever true. At Walston Cross we believe it is imperative to your success story to ensure you have a solid contract in place.

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We welcome the challenge of representing businesses – which are often preyed upon by other large businesses as well as opportunistic former employees and patrons individuals. Our firm has successfully prosecuted cases involving multinational billion-dollar companies, fortune 500 companies and small business alike. And our record of success speaks for itself.

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Small businesses in San Francisco are vulnerable to big corporations monopolizing the market. In many instances big companies illicitly attempt to eliminate competition by attacking small businesses from a legal angle. Ensuring the legal security of your small business protects you from the onslaught of big companies trying to capitalize on a viably competitive market. Small business attorney in San Francisco can play a huge role in your business future. Most recently our firm represented a California small business against a multinational billion-dollar corporation, even when it involved the largest California Public Schools solar installation site in the United States. Our attorneys successfully prosecuted and settled this case in the most cost effective manner possible.

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The above described case is typical of our success. We understand the necessity of aggressive, cost effective representation when it comes to representing businesses. We know the problems that confront business, and our partners have a combined experience of 20 years helping businesses through their legal problems. If your business is experiencing legal issues, it is likely that a solution is easier than you think, and we want to help you. Please contact us for a free consultation.